About us

At BN1 Security we are focused on selecting and building lasting relationships with the right clients to ensure the provision of a high quality service. It’s imperative to BN1 Security to have a friendly but professional relationship with all our clients.

We value the importance of an open relationship with our clients, as this allows us to provide the correct advice and services. BN1 have a hands on approach and understand that every client is unique.

Therefore we offer a BN1 bespoke service, deploying the best suited staff specifically to each individual client. We achieve this by assessing not only the appearance of our staff but also their personality and suitability for the specific venue and role envisaged. Not all security officers are the same and some work well in all environments, whereas others are better suited to specific venues or types of events.

BN1 maintain constant contact with our clients and deliver quarterly reviews of our services making sure we uphold our standards and those required by the individual client. We also receive regular feedback from our staff to maintain employee engagement and implement new initiatives.