By Bn1 Security
on 31 Jan 2021 09:46AM

IBO champion Eubank Jr’s final press conference with Avni Yildirim ended in chaos yesterday after the Turkish fighter’s manager Ahmet Oner threatened the Brighton boxer’s head of security Sunny Joe Hall.

In footage captured on Facebook, Oner screamed expletives and ripped off his jacket before going head to head with Hall at the event to promote the World Boxing Super Series quarter-final on Saturday in Stuttgart.

Davies, who has been in boxing for 61 years as a fighter, trainer, manager and also promoter, and Eubank Jr looked on in shock as Oner lost his cool.

Trainer Davies blasted: “It was the worst press conference I have ever been involved in.

“It was disgusting and degrading. I am old school and I am not used to that.

“He was swearing and saying things to Sunny’s girlfriend, it was disgraceful. He was like a raving lunatic.”

Davies wants to see the book thrown at Oner for his outburst.

Davies added: ”The man is just a loose cannon and certainly shouldn’t be around boxing.

“He should be severely reprimanded for his actions and bringing boxing into disrepute.”

And Davies applauded Team Eubank’s security chief, Hall, who runs Brighton company BN1 Security, for keeping his cool and not making the situation worse.

Davies told The Argus: “Sunny’s behaviour was impeccable and he just stood his ground. He’s a professional and dealt with situations like these but a lot of people who are not professional could have kicked off and made it really nasty. He handled the situation really well.

“I have been involved in boxing for 61 years and never come across a case like it. I’ve been involved in 32 world title fights and never seen anything like it. I found it disgusting and degrading to be amongst it but Sunny stayed nice and calm.”

Hall revealed Oner had been upset because Eubank did not turn up at a media work out the previous day and also because he felt they were made to wait by Team Eubank before the press conference.

Hall also revealed Oner confronted another member of Eubank’s security behind closed doors during the press conference, accusing him of disrespecting him because he was working for the Brighton fighter when he was of Turkish origin.

Hall said: “The guy is a hothead. I was not looking at him all and my only interest was the safety of Chris and Ronnie but once he stood up and was behind my fighter, then I looked at him. That was when he ran over and tried to lock heads with me.

“I feel the nerves just got the better of him and he felt threatened by us even though there was only two of us. He took his top off, threw his clothes about and caused a scene but I had to stay professional and was not going to back down or take my eyes off Chris.

“His team tried to hold him back and I just said let the fighters fight but he said he wanted to knock me out. Once he started throwing his stuff around that is when I said it was time to leave. He embarrassed himself and his fighter.

“I would never start a fight but I certainly wouldn’t back down either. I’ve dealt with people like this throughout my professional career, it doesn’t faze me. People who shout are just showing their fear and insecurities it’s the quiet ones you need to be wary of.”